HDSLR Videography Package 2017

Videography is a very important part of your wedding budget and your wedding day plans, but generally it is the first thing that gets cut from the budget. What brides don’t tend to realize is that the wedding day will go by in a blur, and without wedding videography, speeches become forgotten, and the emotions of the day can’t be revisited the same way as if videography was available. This can also be something that can be shown to your children far far in the future.
Besides wedding day videography, there are a lot of other great ways to use videography to share the memories of your relationship. (silberstudios.tv)

Equipments to be used to capture your Memorable Moments

* Min. 2 units of HDSLR FULL HD camera (we used Canon System)
* External audio recording unit
* Stabilizer / Steadicam system
* Glidetrack / Flycam system
* Slider system
* Jib Crane
* LED Light System

Please send in your Date | Location | No of Event
to 019.234.4724